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Cat is not a small dog

It 's very important to take into account that, in medicine, cats do not always behave like dogs.

There are drugs used in dogs that appear to be very toxic to cats (eg. pyrethroid-based parasiticides) or which are used in very different dosages and administration timings.
That is why cats' owners are highly recommended to use only the medications prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.

Even in pathological clinical manifestations cats often differ from their friends\enemies dogs.
For example all pruritic diseases of whatever nature (parasitic, allergic etc.) in cats tend to occur with only four clinical patterns :


  •    Trunk Alopecia : the cat, licking, "shaves" his hair, usually starting from the abdomen.
  •    Head and neck pruritus  
  •    Miliary dermatitis: small crusts strongly adherent to the skin
  •    Eosinophilic granuloma complex: pink-yellow plaques and erosions

The task of veterinary surgeon will be patiently discover which of the many possible causes is the right one.

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