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What is Dermatophytosis (ringworm) ?

Dermatophytosis (so called ringworm) of dogs and cats is a skin disease caused by pathogenic fungi (especially Microsporum canis) living in the upper layers of skin and hair follicles.

It 's a contagious disease that spread easily between dog, cat and man.

Frequently it affects young animals. The most common clinical manifestation is the presence of round spots of hair loss but it can, especially in cats, also occur in many other ways. The cat may be a healthy carrier too.

For diagnosis the veterinary surgeon can use many methods : the best is mycologic culture of the hair.
In therapy it is very important, besides treating the affected animal, to take also environmental measures (see below).
Therapy should be continued until achieving two negative cultures 2-4 weeks apart.

Tips for environmental treatment


  •     Keep the affected animal in an easily washable room (no carpets, sofas etc!)
  •     Hairs are the main way of contagion and therefore should be accurately eliminated (vacuum cleaner,               Swiffer)
  •     Floors : first sweep; then wash with a normal detergent; rinse; finally disinfect (the best is bleach, 10 cc 

           per liter of water). 

  •    Treat the same way objects (carriers, brushes etc.) that you can't throw away (plush, cloth collars,  

           scratching pads etc).

  •    Wash the fabrics at high temperature. Do not mix with other clothing in the washing machine.
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