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What is Pyoderma ?

Pyoderma is a skin infection caused by bacteria (almost always staphylococci). It 's very common in dogs, less in cats.
Typical lesions are pustules (or their remnants , so called collarettes), round hairless or wet erithematous spots .
In deep pyoderma there are foruncolosis, purulent fistulas, dark crusts. Often there is pruritus or pain.

Pyoderma occurs almost always because bacteria (which normally live on the skin) are taking advantage of some underlying disease that impairs the normal defenses of the skin (allergies, parasitic diseases, hormonal, immunosuppressive drugs etc.).

It is diagnosed by the veterinary surgeon through clinical examination and cytology of the lesions. It is often useful to make a bacteriological examination with a sensitivity testing to know exactly what bacterium is and to which antibiotics is susceptible.
In recent years, actually, as in human medicine, strains of bacteria resistant to many commonly used antibiotics have spread.

Depending on the severity, pyoderma is treated with systemic (antibiotics per os) and\or topical (shampoos, creams, foams, etc.) therapies.
It 's important to follow carefully the instructions of the veterinarian and not interrupt therapy too early.

It 's moreover essential to search for and, if possible, eliminate the predisposing factors. If we don't, the pyoderma tends to recur

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