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What is sarcoptic mange (Canine scabies) ?

Sarcoptic mange, or canine scabies, is caused by a parasitic mite (Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis).

It can affect dogs of any age. It's contagious for humans, who, however,  not being the natural hosts of the parasite, show a mild and self-limiting disease.

The dog can be infected mainly in two situations: living with affected animals especially in crowded environments (shelters, stores) or by occasional contact with stray dogs or wild animals (foxes).

Scabies is extremely itchy (mites dig tunnels in the thickness of the skin). Clinical picture can be very similar to
allergic dermatitis.
Veterinary surgeons can diagnose it through skin scrapings, but the mites in the skin are often very few and therefore a negative skin scraping does not exclude the disease.

In recent years the treatment has become easier than in the past (typically we use oral drugs).

Treating the dog, the owner spontaneously heals.

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