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Dottor Paolo MascarettiDermatologo veterinarioa Torino e in Piemonte

Tips for shampooing

  • Not all shampoos are the same. Some dry skin, others are potentially toxic. Ask your veterinary surgeon which is the most proper one for your pet.


  • Use warm water. Hot water increases the feeling of pruritus. Put an anti-slip mat on the bottom of the bathtub. Put big cotton balls in dog 's ears to prevent water entering.


  • Soak the animal, then apply shampoo and massage it in the direction of the hair. Soap before affected areas and rinse them last.


  • Therapeutic shampoos  (ie those prescribed for skin problems) need about ten minutes to act. They seem few but can be an eternity with the dog moving in the bathtub. The duration also depends on the shampoo concentration (the more concentrated, shorter the time).


  • It may be useful to shampoo twice : the first to remove dirt and the other to act as therapy


  • Rinse thoroughly. People often tend to overlook the most uncomfortable body areas.    Dry well, especially in the cold months.  First use a towel, then finish with hairdryer, being careful not to keep it too close to the skin.


  • In some diseases (eg. Atopic dermatitis)  the skin is very dry and it may be useful an after-shampoo moisturizer.


  • Therapeutic shampoos average frequency is twice a week. As the disease improves,  frequency will be reduced (eg. once a week, then twice a month, etc.).


  • If you notice that the animal gets worse after shampooing, report it to the veterinary surgeon.
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